Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people are disappointed with the announcement from Apple if they have not released the iPhone 5. Apple finally officially announced their latest generation iPhone. Not the iPhone 5, the new smartphone is just the iPhone 4S. In terms of design, the iPhone 4S identical to the iPhone 4. The difference that appears is the 'black line' around the body iPhone now numbering 4 (first 3). Black line shows the position of the antenna on the iPhone 4S.

Apple's latest iPhone 4S certainly an improvement from previous versions of Apple's iPhone. In addition to these advantages have turned out to iPhone 4S also has a weakness, this is it:

Advantages of iPhone 4S : 
  • iPhone 4S using Apple A5 processor 1GHz dual-core processors along with dual-core GPU. Apple said the new chipset will make the iPhone 4S work faster 2-fold, and the image display 7 times faster than the iPhone 4. 
  • Batteries are more durable. 8 hours of talk time with 3G networks and 14 hours with 2G networks. 6 hours of browsing with 3G network and 6 hours with Wi-Fi network. 10 hours to watch the video and 40 hours for listening to music.
  • The camera in the iPhone 4S to 8-megapixels in the iPhone 4 compared with 5-megapixel camera. camera in the iPhone 4S is also equipped with autofocus, flash, f2 / 4. Apple says that the camera on the iPhone 4S work 33% faster than the camera on the iPhone 4.
  • Software in use on the iPhone 4S adalaah IOS 5. Latest operating system from Apple.
  • Siri, a voice command technology. Special features that only exist in the iPhone 4S allows users schedule meetings, find nearby restaurants, to know the weather just by voice commands.

Disadvantages iPhone 4S :
  • Design no difference between the iPhone 4S with the iPhone 4.
  • The absence of a large screen. many people expect Apple will release iPhone screen that their bigger rivals like Android.
  • Can not be in use in 4G networks.
  • Differences battery life is not too large in comparison with the previous battery.      
It seems iPhone 4S does not bring many changes to the previous iPhone, the iPhone 4. 

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